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MR Image36wps
MR Image50wps
MR Image43wps
MR Image25wps
MR Image34wps
MR Image37wps
MR Image20wps
MR Image55wps
MR Image21wps
MR Image47wps
IMR mage58wps
MR Image39wps
MR Image68wps
MR Image28wps
"The Collapsed"
TC tc+John+Fantasia+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+12ps
TC 227069_171611809562526_5554442_n
TC tc+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+5ps
TC tc+John+Fantasia+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+10ps
TC 254314_174229379300769_2116732_n
TC 230469_171611396229234_3852700_n
TC 254919_174229312634109_4530605_n
TC tc+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+13p
TC The+Collapsed+2+Japanese+movie+posterp
TC tc+John+Fantasia+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+4ps
TC The+Collapsed+Japanese+movie+posterp
TC tc+John+Fantasia+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+8ps
TC The-Collapsed-2011
TC tc+John+Fantasia+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+9ps
TC tc+John+Fantasia+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+2ps
TC tc+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+11+jpg
TC tc+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+14p
TC tc2+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+7ps
TC tc+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+15p
TC tc+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+16
TC tc+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+3
TC tc1+The+Collapsed+prod.+still+1
"A Human Story"
HS Amazon 2 Image29 16 x 9
HSf Image40 copy
HSf image 11
HSf image 13
HSf image 12
HSf image 16
HSf image 2
HSf image29 16 x 9
HSf image 3
HSf image 5
HSf image 6
HSf image 9
HSf image 17
"Rose and The Espresso Man"
REM A001_C004_0603N4.0002325ps
REM A002_C012_0603LJ.0001222ps
REM A001_C009_0603H0.0001509ps
REM A008_C007_0605F2.0002134ps
REM A005_C016_0604LT.0003952 ps
REM A011_C018_0605FL.0000997flip 2
REM A008_C001_0605PW.0006204ps
REM A003_C008_0604M9.0002917ps
REM A007_C013_0605LS.0001259ps
REM A004_C005_06042Y.0000712ps
REM A005_C005_0604O4.0000899ps
REM A005_C012_0604EC.0003046ps
REM A004_C005_06042Y.0001818ps
REM A005_C015_0604VH.0001417ps
REM A004_C005_06042Y.0002248ps
REM A002_C006_0603BW.0001076ps
REM A004_C005_06042Y.0001694ps
REM A005_C015_0604VH.0002899psblack
REM A004_C001_0604KD.0001966ps
REM A002_C016_060350.0009652ps
REM A004_C001_0604KD.0001932ps
REM A004_C001_0604KD.0000389ps
REM A003_C017_06046X.0004524ps
REM A004_C001_0604KD.0001400ps
REM A003_C012_0604BM.0001462ps
REM A002_C016_060350.0010283ps
REM A003_C010_060456.0001629ps
REM A002_C012_0603LJ.0001702ps
REM A001_C012_0603AH.0000730ps
REM A001_C008_060348.0001004ps
REM A012_C010_0605PG.0000607ps
"Zig Zag"
ZZ Image1
ZZ Image5
ZZ Image8
ZZ Image89
ZZ Image12
ZZ Image50
ZZ Image77
ZZ Image54
ZZ Image76
ZZ Image53
ZZ Image14
ZZ Image74
ZZ Image33
ZZ Image71
ZZ Image42
ZZ Image70
ZZ Image69
ZZ Image67
ZZ Image61
ZZ Image59
ZZ Image45
ZZ Image56
ZZ Image16
ZZ Image28
ZZ Image55
ZZ Image23
ZZ Image29
ZZ Image37
ZZ Image79
ZZ Image26
ZZ Image98
"Shadow of The Mountain"
SM 3 Just Hanging
SM 4 Building the huts
SM 24 That's the crew
SM 1 Me on set again
SM 2 The Rock Face
SM 4 Still Hanging
SM 5 Me on set
SM 8
SM 2 Shooting a scene in the hut
SM 5
SM 6 Climbing up the Mountain
SM 7 Still Climbing
SM 10
SM 9 More climbing
SM 11
SM 12 There I am hanging off the mountain
SM 15 Just trying to get down
SM 13
SM 16 Walking down the mountain
SM 17
SM 23
SM 22 There I am holding up the mountain
SM 21
SM 25 Same crew
SM 28 Entrance to the Lava Tube
SM 28 The Huts
Russian IT.jpg
"Russian IT guy"
Zombie sepia.jpg
"The Day of The
Living Dead"
TT Image2
TT Image1
TT Image3
TT Image6
TT Image47
TT Image23
TT Image41
TT Image37
TT Image36
TT Image34
TT Image30
TT Image29
TT Image24
TT Image26
TT Image22
TT Image27
TT Image19
TT Image12
TT Image21
TT Image11
TT Image10
TT Image16
TT Image4
TT Image53
TT Image31
TT Image54
"Project London"
PL 14 ps
PL Scene_148_
PL 1
PL 35
PL 12
PL 25
PL 31
PL 5
PL 34
PL 8
PL 36
PL pl+John+Fantasia+Project+London
L l+John+Fantasia+Rip+with+Jeepps
L Liberation+showdown
L Edited Image 2013-3-13-18_28_18
L Liberation+fight+1
L Liberation+hacker+2
L Liberation+rippi2_copy_6
L l+John+Fantasia+Liberation+rip
L Liberation+torture+1
L Liberation+torture+2
L Liberation+torture+3
L l+John+Fantasia+Liberation+rip+2
"Rough Crossing"
RC John+Fantasia+RC+1
RC rc11
RC rc12
RC rc32p
RC rc13p
RC rc33p
RC rc16p
RC rc21p
RC rc29p
RC rc30.jpgp
RC rc31p
RC rc9.jpgp
"Second Stage Turbine Blade"
SS John Fantasia SSTB 3ps
SS ss+1p_edited
SS ss+2
SS John+Fantasia+CC
SS ss+3
"The Red Carpet"

Don Coscarelli with John 

Dee Wallace with John

 "Mutiny at Mahring"
 "Step One"
SO so_1o534p
SO so1453p
SO so1457p
SO so1474p
SO so_1585p
" Last Rites"
"Tim The Destroyer"
"Beautiful Brit Baker"
BB 11+Javier+ps
BB bb+15+Javier+BBB
BB bb+10+Javier+BBB
BB bb+14+Javier+BBB
BB bb+16+Javier+BBB
BB bb+3+Javier+BBB
BB bb+9+Javier+BBB
"Desert Warrior"
DW 2wide dw 3ps
DW 8wide dw John Fantasia production still 3 Dr M pss
DW 5wide dw 10s
DW 7wide dw 12ps
DW 3wide dw 6ps
DW 1wide dw 2ps
DW 4wide dw 8ps
DW 6wide dw 11ps
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